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At RemoteOZ, our mission is to help you to find great quality replacement Remote Control for your TV/DVD/BD/HDD player.

All our remotes are Australia local stock, with Fast Australia Post local delivery!

Since 2009, we’re professional in the Remote control industry, so far we provide a wide variety range of Remote controls, including Kogan, SONIQ, VIANO, Topfield, JVC, Panasonic, Hisense, SONY, LG, Telstra, Roku, SAMSUNG and more, support LCD Smart Plasma TV, DVD/BD HDD Recorder Players, and air conditioners. Now grab a new remote for your device:

Have questions? Just feel free to contact us:

VIC Office: 4/169 Technology Rd, Hallam, VIC 3803

QLD Office: Brucy Hwy, North Lake, QLD 4509