How to Take Care of a TV Remote

Sometimes maintaining a TV remote can be somehow tricky. Here are some tips to follow to make the TV remote stay in a good condition. 

  1. Right place to keep

The place you keep your TV remote determines how long it will last. Avoid placing your TV remote on the chair or sofa which can lead to breakage of the remote. When you place the remote on the sofa or chair there is a possibility that you sit on it that can damage the TV remote. For you to keep the TV remote from all damage, it is very good to place it on the table. If you have children at home make sure that you keep them safe from it, that means putting the remote in a place where they can not reach.

  • Avoid the bad smell

It is very important to not touch the Akai TV remote with oily, food, or muddy on your hands. Oil on the TV remote brings a very bad smell and the stench remains on the TV remote. Rubbing alcohol on it helps to remove the bad smell and keep it clean all the time. Avoid putting the TV remote in your mouth which can cause malfunction.

  • Use cotton cloth and alcohol to clean

Clean the outside shell of the remote regularly with a cotton cloth and rubbing alcohol. The use of the cotton swab with the rubbing alcohol helps to clean the hardest place to reach around and within the buttons. If you have things that are deep within the keys of the Akai TV remote, in this case, you can use a wooden toothpick or dry toothbrush to remove them. Things within the keys of the TV remote bring malfunction of the keys. Make sure you check your TV remote regularly to maintain it.

  • Don’t hit it

When there is malfunctioning and the command is working correctly avoid hitting the TV remote which causes destruction. Biting the batteries is also not advisable. Instead, cheek on the batteries and try to change them.

  • Cheek the batteries

The batteries of the TV remote are under normal or moderate. Always check the batteries of the TV remote after 3- 6 months. When the TV remote is no use for an extended period. Make sure that you remove the batteries in the ffalcon TV remote to avoid the leak of the batteries.

It is true to say that a well maintained remote lasts longer.

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