Replacement PANASONIC N2QAYB000352 Remote THP50G10A THP50X14A THP54S10A ETC OEM



PANASONIC N2QAYB000352 Remote Control THP50G10A THP50X14A

Connection Type: Infared
No any program needed, only put into brand new battery will work well.
Can replce your old Panasonic remote control with the same model.
1-Year Replacement warranty. Return Accepted for exchange/Refund if your device didn’t work with it.

Compatible Models:

THL32G10A, THL32S10A, THL32X10A, THL37S10A, THP42S10A, THP42X10A, THP42X14A, THP46G10A, THP46S10A, THP50G10A, THP50S10A, THP50X10A, THP50X14A, THP54S10A, TH-L32G10A, TH-L32S10A, TH-L32X10A, TH-L37S10A, TH-P42S10A, TH-P42X10A, TH-P42X14A, TH-P46G10A, TH-P46G10A, TH-P46S10A, TH-P50G10A, TH-P50S10A, TH-P50X10A, TH-P50X14A, TH-P54S10A.

Order includes :
• 1 x Remote Control for Panasonic TV


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