How to Choose the Bauhn TV Remote Control in Australia

TV remote controls get frequent use in many Australian households, making them prone to damage over time. They can also get lost, especially in households with young children or forgetful adults. Not to worry though, because it is quite easy to get a new remote control from the same manufacturer or a compatible brand.

As one of the biggest local suppliers of remote controls in Australia, Remote OZ boasts a vast selection that includes more than 3000 remote brands and models for you to choose from. So let’s say you are looking for a replacement remote for your Bauhn TV, we guarantee that we have the right controller for you, regardless of what Bauhn TV model you have.

Which Bauhn TV Remote is the Right One?

Bauhn TVs come in dozens of models, each with a corresponding remote control. Whilst there are universal remote controls that are supposedly compatible with any kind of TV, these might only be able to control the basic functions like volume, channel selection, and power. With the more advanced universal remote controls, on the other hand, there are usually too many buttons for you to actually need, making the device rather confusing to learn and get used to.

Our diverse range of top quality remote control devices includes several models that are made for specific Bauhn TV models. These remotes are exactly the same as the original remote that came with your TV, with the same layout and the same buttons, so you don’t have to get used to something new.

Standard Infrared Version

The standard infrared remote, commonly known as the IR remote, is the most commonly used for TVs and other appliances. You will easily know that this is the kind of remote that you have if it has an LED light that flashes when you push a button on the remote, sending signals to the television.

We have a number of standard infrared remote controls for the most popular Bauhn TVs in Australia. Our inventory currently includes devices for the ATV64UHD-0919, the ATV58UHDG-0320, the ATV40FHDS-0819, and dozens more.

Smart Voice Control Version

These are more advanced remote controls that can be configured with voice commands through a speech recognition feature. Can’t find the remote? Not to worry, you can still use it to turn on the TV even if it is buried deep under the couch cushions. These smart remote controls are also great for when you are holding something that you can’t put down right away.

Our selection of hands-free Bauhn Smart TVs includes the HTR-U27EMT1 remote control for the ATV64UHDG-1019, and the voice remote control for the ATV70UHDT-1022 Bauhn Smart TV. Like most of our remotes, there is no need to program these devices, just put in a fresh battery and you can use them right away.

Magic Mouse Version Remote

Many of the newer Bauhn TV models come with a remote that not only has a voice control function but also works as a mouse, giving you more control of your Smart TV, as well as all other devices that are connected to it. The ATV75UHDW-0622 Magic Voice TV is one such model, and we do have a special remote control for this model.

Double Check Your TV Model before Buying a Remote

Some remote controls might look similar but are not exactly the same. To avoid the hassle of getting one that you can’t use, be sure to double check the brand and model of your television. Not sure of this either? You can call us anytime and our skilled and friendly team of specialists will provide all the assistance you need until you find the right remote control for your TV.

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