Magic Remote Control For LG TV AN-MR500G MR500 55EC9300 77EG9700 47LB6500 65LB7100


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Magic Remote Control For LG TV AN-MR500G MR500 55EC9300 77EG9700 47LB6500 65LB7100

Connection Type: Infrared+Magic mouse
Easy to pair,  ready to go with new battery filled.
Can replace your LG TV remote control with the same model.
1-Year Replacement warranty. Return Accepted for exchange/Refund if your device didn’t work with it.
Compatible Models:

LB6300 LB6500 LB7100 LB7200 UB8000 LB6190 LB6100 LB5800 LB7500
55EC9300 77EG9700 42LB670V-ZA 42LB671V-ZB 42LB671V-ZF 42LB673V-ZB 42LB675V-ZA 42LB677V-ZC 42LB679V-ZF 47LB670V-ZA 47LB671V-ZB 47LB671V-ZF 47LB673V-ZB 47LB675V-ZA 47LB677V-ZC 47LB679V-ZF 50LB670V-ZA 50LB671V-ZB 50LB671V-ZF 50LB673V-ZB 50LB675V-ZA 50LB677V-ZC 50LB679V-ZF 55LB670V-ZA 55LB671V-ZB 55LB671V-ZF 55LB673V-ZB 55LB675V-ZA 55LB677V-ZC 55LB679V-ZF 42LB680V-ZA 42LB680V-ZD 47LB680V-ZA 47LB680V-ZD 55LB680V-ZA 55LB680V-ZD 60LB680V-ZA 60LB680V-ZD 65LB680V-ZA 65LB680V-ZD 42LB690V-ZA 42LB690V-ZC 47LB690V-ZA 47LB690V-ZC 55LB690V-ZA 55LB690V-ZC 42LB720V-ZA 42LB720V-ZB 42LB720V-ZG 47LB720V-ZA 47LB720V-ZB 47LB720V-ZG 55LB720V-ZA 55LB720V-ZB 55LB720V-ZG 60LB720V-ZA 60LB720V-ZB 60LB720V-ZG 65LB720V-ZA 65LB720V-ZB 65LB720V-ZG 42LB730V-ZA 42LB730V-ZD 42LB731V-ZE 47LB730V-ZA 47LB730V-ZD 47LB731V-ZE 55LB730V-ZA 55LB730V-ZD 55LB731V-ZE 65LB730V-ZA 65LB730V-ZD 65LB731V-ZE 49LB860V-ZA 49LB860V-ZB 55LB860V-ZA 55LB860V-ZB 60LB860V-ZA 60LB860V-ZB 49LB870V-ZA 55LB870V-ZA 60LB870V-ZA 42LB6300 47LB6350 47LB6300 55LB6350 55LB6300 60LB6300 65LB6300 42LB6500 60LB7100 47LB6500 65LB7100 50LB6500 70LB7100 55LB6500 60LB6500 55LB7200 50LB6300 42LB6300-UQ 47LB6300-UQ 55LB6300-UQ 60LB6300-US 65LB6300-UE 47LB6350-UQ 55LB6350-UQ 42LB6500-UM 47LB6500-UM 50LB6500-UM 55LB6500-UM 60LB6500-UP 60LB7100-UT 65LB7100-UB 70LB7100-UC 55LB7200-UB ///49UB85** 55UB85** 60UB85** 49UB850T 49UB850T-TA 49UB859Y-TA 55UB850T-TA 55UB859Y-TA 60UB850T-TA 60UB859Y-TA 65UB93** 55UB95** 65UB95** 65UB930T-TA 65UB939Y-TA 55UB950T-TA 55UB959Y-TA 65UB950T-TA 65UB959Y-TA 65UB98** 79UB98** 84UB98** 65UB980T-TA 65UB989Y-TA 65UB980T-TB 65UB989Y-TB 79UB980T-TA 79UB989Y-TA 79UB980T-TB 79UB989Y-TB 84UB980T-TA 84UB989Y-TA 84UB980T-TB 84UB989Y-TB 98UB98** 105UC9* 98UB980T-TA 98UB989Y-TA 98UB980T-TB 98UB989Y-TB 105UC9T-TA 105UC9Y-TA 55UC97** 65UC97** 55UC970T-TA 55UC979Y-TA 65UC970T-TA 65UC979Y-TA 79UG88** 79UG880T-TA 79UG889Y-TA  40UB800  60LB7500  65LB7500 55LB7500

AAA Battery not included.

Order includes :
1    x   Magic AN-MR500 Remote Control for LG TV

Buying Guide: Buying Guide

How to choose replacement TV remote control: How to choose your Remote

The best way to find you correct remote control for your TV/DVD/BluRay/HDD Player / Air conditioner is to check:
1. If the new remote control looks identical from your old one.
2. If the new remote does not look 100% same, but most of its parts/buttons/design are the same or quite similar, then probably this new replacement remote control will work on your device, because due to the Industry protducts design guide, most of the same series TV/DVD/Blu-Ray Devices are sharing the same remote control IR code set. This will allow those TVs/DVDs/Players to share the same remote control, or at least most of the functions on the new remote will work.

At RemoteOZ, we provide Remote Controls for most brand LED LCD Smart Plasma TVs, DVD/Blu-Ray HDD DBV Boxes, Recorder Players and air conditioners.


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